Immovable cultural treasure of Serbia

Serbia 3D

Cultural treasure

A beautiful picture of Serbia. Historic monuments and cultural heritage presented in a rarely-seen way, from all angles, with appropriate explanations.

3D models

Digitization is one of the ways of making cultural treasure more visible. That is why the project “Platform for 3D digitization of immovable cultural treasure of Serbia” was developed.

Ministry support

This project was supported by the Ministry of culture and information, sector of digital research infrastructure development in the areas of arts and culture.

Protection of cultural treasure

The protection of cultural treasure in Serbia is possible in many ways, and 3D digitization is one of the ways to make cultural treasure more visible. That is why the project “Platform for 3D digitization of immovable cultural treasure of Serbia” is important, as it makes a number of important destinations more accessible and visible.

Our approach is unusual, because we used a popular video games technology. We have presented historically and culturally significant objects as photo-realistic scenes in 3D space, and the portal visitors are offered an opportunity to freely move throughout the scene. While observing these old and important objects, the visitors can either listen to or read the stories of their history.

At a time when we are talking about cultural tourism and we want people to learn about our country, it is important that we offer them a beautiful image of Serbia, historical monuments in a rarely seen way, from all angles, with appropriate explanations. Mapping cultural monuments will greatly contribute to their preservation and revitalization.

The situation is especially delicate in the area of South-Eastern Serbia, as this is the area with numerous monuments that are not accessible to wider public. Digitization definitely means a step forward in all areas, including that of preservation and presentation of cultural treasure.

Web portal of the cultural treasure of Serbia

By placing information about digitized immoveable cultural treasure of Serbia on the Internet, it becomes available to all. In that way the objects are presented in the state they are in. Further distribution of the said information improves the possibilities for cultural tourism and the public is mobilized to work on their further preservation or restoration.

Web portal of the project contains all relevant information on digitized objects in Serbian and English language.


Specification of the portal
Serbia 3D


The platform is design to work on a many of desktop and mobile devices and on all operating systems. As an Internet and web platform, it does not require the installation of additional software.


Moreover, it should support all kinds and sizes of screens, as well as various types of input/output devices, from keyboards and mice, through touch-sensitive screens, all the way to virtual reality glasses.

Work method

For such a task it is best to use as simple and as universal tool and language as possible. That is why the website was realized using java script combined with HTML5 and CSS3 language. Java script library with 3D game-engine functions was also used.